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At Morgan Dental, we offer several different cosmetic restoration treatments and the best procedure for you will depend on your dental situation and the results you desire. Before you make a decision, we will present all of the available options to you. Sometimes, other dental work such as fillings, root canal, or treatment for gum disease, will need to be completed prior to the cosmetic proceedure.

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Crowns can be used for different purposes like restorative as well as cosmetic reasons, for example:

They offer protection for
weakened broken teeth

They replace an
existing old filling

They restore dental implants

They eliminate misalignment
or stains or dis-colorations

They restore a badly broken or
fractured tooth

Veneers and 3/4 Crowns

Veneers are designed to improve the way your teeth look when your tooth still has a lot of enamel left on it and is structurally strong. They are thin reinforced zirconium crystal shells that are permanently cemented over top of minimally prepared teeth.

Tooth Replacement

At Morgan Dental, we also offer you cosmetic tooth replacement options as dental implants, bridges, implant support dentures, traditional dentures as well as partial dentures and Snap-On and Valplast partial denture. During a cmplimentary consultation appointment Dr. Morgan Nikou will discuss with you the options; whether it is single dental implants, full-mouth dental implants, a bridge, complete dentures, and partial dentures or crowns and veneers.

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