Dental Implants in Hamilton

Missing one or more teeth? Dental implants might be a replacement option to consider. Patients often have the option of a single tooth implant to replace a single missing tooth, multiple implants to restore and replace many missing teeth, an old bridge, or a complete full mouth denture. In addition, Morgan Dental in Hamilton offers same day implant restoration to give you a beautiful, healthy smile conveniently and efficiently.

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Implant Procedure in 3 Steps

Step one involves the surgical part, where the implant made of titanium is placed into the jaw bone to replace the mooring root part of the tooth. Typically it takes at least 3-4 months for the implant to heal well and integrate into the bone, solid ready for stage two.. Next, placing the permanent implant abutment, which is the piece responsible for connecting the crown of the implant to the previous surgically placed part in the bone, into the top of the titanium post via a small screw. In step 3, Dr. Morgan Nikou completes the restoration procedure. The implant crown is custom designed often the same day, according to your smile and bite, creating a tooth and smile that is esthetic and functional.

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Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Patients who are in good health and have any missing teeth with adequate amount of underlying jawbone to support the surgical part of the implant are good candidates. In some instances if there is not adequate jaw bone present to support the implant, patients undergo a separate procedure called bone augmentation or sinus lift to augment the amount of bone necessary. Bone augmentation and sinus life take on average 3-4 month of healing before the site is ready for placement of the implant.

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