Night Guard and Sport Guard

Bruxing, often known as grinding and clenching teeth, is a subconscious habit that has detrimental effects on people’s teeth and the underlying bone, as well as facial muscles and temporomandibular jaw joins (TMJs). Grinding or clenching can cause teeth or existing fillings/restorations to chip and crack more often. At Morgan Dental, we provide our patients with different designs of custom night guards to suit their needs and to help protect their teeth and take tension off their jaw joints and teeth.

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A Subconscious Habit

Grinding teeth is typically a subconscious habit. People are not always aware of it as it can happen during the night when they sleep, or during the day as they work out in the gym, drive or watch TV. If you have teeth chips or sensitivity, see a dental professional for an oral examination. Contact Morgan Dental to book your next appointment, and we will take a close look to help identify whether or not you may be grinding your teeth.

Taking Teeth Impressions

To develop a night or sport guard for you, we first take impressions of your top and bottom teeth. This is a painless process that doesn’t take long to do. A professional dental laboratory will then fabricate your night guard, custom made specifically for you, according to Dr. Nikou’s specifications. For the most effective results, your night guard should be worn every night throughout your entire sleep until the bruxing habit is broken.

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