Oral Cancer Screening

There are many oral cancer types and locations in the oral cavity. It’s a serious, yet hidden disease that often gets undiagnosed early on in those who do not visit their dental health providers on a regular basis. Orcal cancel can develop in the cheeks, lips, tongue, throat, palate, floor of the mouth, and oral mucosa. Like most cancers, there’s a better rate of treatability when diagnosed early.

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VelScope Device

In addition to the clinical visual examinations that are done for all patients at their recall examinations, we also have the most advanced technology to help diagnose oral cancer. A VelScope, which is a handheld device, helps identify any abnormal cells or suspicious tissues. A bright blue light gets shined into your mouth, which causes the abnormal, possibly cancerous tissues to light up fluorescent in colour with different intensities and darkness detectable to the dentist’s trained eyes.

Early Detection

This technique with the VelScope device allows Dr. Morgan Nikou to determine where the area with the suspicious cells is located for accurate treatment and diagnosis. Early detection is important in treating oral cancer so treatment can begin right away. When oral cancer is caught and treated in its early stages, the survival rate is extremely high. The risk of oral cancer tends to increase with use of tobacco, heavy alcohol consumption, extreme sun exposure.

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