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Whether you need a complete or more limited orthodontic treatment, Dr. Morgan Nikou will help you achieve that healthy, beautiful smile you’ve been looking for. It is recommended that a child’s first orthodontic evaluation should be at the first sign of an orthodontic problem, such as teeth crowding or thumb-sucking, usually at the age of 5-7. While no treatment may be recommended or needed at an early age, this examination will help determine the best time to begin treatment or preventions.

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Early Orthodontic Examination

Early examination includes various evaluations: crowded teeth that lead to difficult oral hygiene, protruding teeth/ large overjet, crossbites causing crowding, TMJ dysfunction and tooth trauma, open bites and narrow palate due to thumb-sucking/ soothers, tongue-thrusting habits, and molar bite problems and unfavorable growth patterns of the facial bones and the jaws.

Early Orthodontic Treatments

Early orthodontic treatments are often short, about 6 to 9 months. They are usually following by a period where the retainers or braces are removed from teeth and the jaws and teeth are left to develop and grow without any interruption. Usually, the early age orthodontic treatments reduce the total time later on in braces phase of the treatment, and prevents teenagers from having teeth pulled due to orthodontic reasons and crowding.

Top Benefits

There are various reasons why early orthodontic treatments are beneficial. This includes the reduction of space deficiencies, crowding and malalignment of permanent teeth, correcting the misaligned protruded teeth for better alignment and straighter teeth, minimizing the chance for removal of permanent teeth later and narrowing the smile, and correction of some oral habits such as thumb-sucking.

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There are many different appliances, options and methods such as invisalign, metal and ceramic braces and removable retainers available to achieve your goals. Braces are no longer for children and teens only! It’s never too late to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Schedule a complimentary initial consultation at Morgan Dental in Hamilton, Ontario today. Dr. Morgan Nikou will discuss your individual needs and develop an orthodontic treatment plan for you.

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