Root Canal

A root canal therapy is often recommended when there is an infection in the tooth and or the underlying bone. Often trauma to the nerve inside a tooth through a deep decay or a hit to the tooth or even biting into something hard like a popcorn kernel accidentally causes some nerve damage or irritability. Book your next appointment at Morgan Dental, located in Hamilton, Ontario, and we will do an x-ray and conduct and oral examination to determine the appropriate treatment.

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Main Symptoms

In the case when a tooth cannot heal from an injury, and the nerve inside the tool becomes inflamed and infected, you may experience various symptoms, such as throbbing pain that feels worse to heat, toothache that wakes you up at night, facial and intra oral swelling and tenderness, change of colour in a tooth, and a tooth that hurts when chewing.

Root Canal Procedure

A tooth is supplied with vital structures such as nerve and blood vessel. During the root canal treatment, the infected hyperemic or necrotic pulp is removed from the tooth mechanically or by laser after a small access is opened through the tooth. The tooth is then rinsed and cleaned from all the bacteria inside it with disinfecting agents and a laser, before it is filled with some natural filling material. It will then be filled and sealed, and a crown is often recommended for this tooth to protect it from further cracking as root canal teeth are quite fragile.

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