Teeth Cleaning

Regular dental visits for cleanings and gum treatments are necessary to remove as plaque and tartar build up around the crown and root of the teeth. Due to the depth of the periodontal pocket it is nearly impossible for people to clean the build up from within the pockets by daily brushing. Regular professional dental cleanings are essential for optimal dental health. Oftentimes, patients are unaware that they have gum disease, as it does not cause significant discomfort to them at its early to moderate stages, until they visit the dental professionals for an exam and gum evaluation.

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Teeth Cleaning Process

A dental hygienist will begin by conducting a thorough physical exam of your mouth, checking for any signs of gum inflammation. Next, a gentle scaler tool will be used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. While brushing and flushing can help ensure that plaque doesn’t harden into tartar, in the case that it has already formed, it can only be removed at a dentist’s office. Additional steps include rinsing with liquid fluoride and applying a fluoride treatment which helps fight against cavities for several months.

Cleaning Appointment Frequency

Typically we recommend that you book an appointment twice a year for professional teeth cleaning. Being proactive by visiting a dental professional for regular teeth cleaning can help prevent problems from forming or developing further. Book your next dental cleaning appointment today.

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